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Change in Transaction Volume

For listings sold in Q3 '20 vs. Q2 '20Percentage increase or decrease in the volume of sold transactions compared to the previous quarter for this ZIP code


Change in Median Price

For listings sold in Q3 '20 vs. Q2 '20Percentage increase or decrease in the median price of sold transactions compared to the previous quarter for this ZIP code


Change in Median PPSF

For listings sold in Q3 '20 vs. Q2 '20Percentage increase or decrease in the median price per square foot for sold transactions over the previous quarter for this ZIP code


Median Days on Market

For listings sold in Q3 '20Median number of days from when a property was first listed until it went into contract compared to the previous quarter for this ZIP code

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TCT Premiere is made up of an exclusive and elite group of real estate consultants raising the bar for service in the upper-tier of the housing market.  Providing our clients an exceptional service and experience has always been our ultimate goal.  Through market knowledge and a strong understanding of client expectations, we provide exceptional properties the marketing and visibility necessary to get them sold.  Our commitment to our clients is unwavering and our goal is to always exceed our clients expectations.  Whether you are looking to purchase, or sell your most prized investment, let TCT Premiere be your real estate consultant of choice.

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TCT Premiere is focused on servicing those home owners who have properties selling for more than 1 million dollars.  If you are in the market for a luxury home, be sure to check out our advanced search tool and begin your luxury real estate search.  If you have any questions, we have local luxury specialists available to answer any questions or arrange in-person showings.

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Founded in 2006, The Cascade Team is a full service real estate brokerage ready to assist you in selling your home or in purchasing a new one. Our local agents are committed to serving you throughout the real estate transaction and utilize the most advanced technology available. Our home marketing platform combines superior technology, marketing and customer service, delivering you an optimal experience. Our goal is to not just meet, but always exceed your expectations.

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